About Paperleap

Our mission: helping researchers inspire

As Einstein said, Imagination is the highest form of research.

Yes, sometimes it is all about that unique moment of intuition. But imagination is nothing without the passion, consistency, and dedication of our researchers: we know we wouldn't have achieved any results without the hard work, sacrifice, and even failure of those who dedicate their life to science.

This is why we created a platform for supporting researchers in finding the best opportunities for publishing and presenting their work.

We help them share their findings and advancing humanity, because researchers are the best inspiration for our next generations.

Are you an organizer or an association?

We are open to partnerships with associations and organizations that manage Calls for Papers to support them and help them share their content and opportunities.

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We are hiring! Work with us

We are looking for several profiles for expanding our team, including Community and Social Media Manager, Web Developers, Marketing specialists, and UX designers.

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Why Paperleap?

Indeed, there are many websites and online indexes and listings of calls for papers, and we even suggest you to try those. However, Paperleap was designed to offer unique advantages.

In addition to listing Calls for Papers, Paperleap offers organizers, such as chairs or editors, a complete management tool for their Calls.

For organizers

  • Manage your CfPs
  • Engage your audience
  • Avoid cross-posting

For researchers

  • Find opportunities
  • Manage your deadlines
  • Receive updates

How it works

Using paperleap is very simple. Whether you want to publish or search a call for paper, just create your account for free.

Then, simply choose if you want to Post new Call for Papers or Find Calls for Papers

Then, you can manage your Call for Paper, by adding it to your deadlines, inviting people, and sharing it with your community.

Paperleap analytics

Paperleap analytics is the professional tool for managing Call for Papers. It is especially designed for the organizers of Calls for Papers, such as conference chairs or editors of journals. In addition to the standard features of Paperleap, which are free, Paperleap analytics provides organizers with advanced functionalities for improving the performance of ther Call.

To read more about Paperleap analytics and compare features and pricing, see page about features and pricing.

With Paperleap analytics you can...

  • Reach & manage your target audience
  • Track performance metrics
  • Post updates to followers
  • Embed in your website

..view the complete list of features.

Our team

We are an international team of people with combined expertise in management, research, and technology. We are supported by international partners.

We started Paperleap with the objective of supporting our several friends who work as researchers in universities, centers and labs all over the world. Unexpectedly, after the first release, we received the interest of many individual researchers, professors, and research groups, and we decided to open paperleap to the general public.

So far, we are completely self funded, and we are actively looking for external financial support.

We are very looking forward to hearing your feedback. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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